About Me - Beth Phillips

Readings and Services


I currently offer mediumship readings for those who have loved ones in spirit.  I can be the conduit between yourself and that special person who you have lost, and bring through evidence that they are still here with us but in spirit.  Receive messages from them which will enlighten your day and bring back that bounce in your life. Your loved ones never leave they have just passed over to another dimension.

You cannot see the wind, you cannot see text messages and emails passing by but they are all there so why not spirit.  Your loved ones are always around you.

About Me

Beth Phillips

All my life there has been something that has drawn me to the universe and it's wonderful nature and how it works.  How we are all connected and how energy and love are the force of life. I have always been claircognizant which is a sense of knowing.  Over the last ten years I have been developing my other clairs like clairvoyance, clairaudiance and clairsentiance.

What To Expect


When you book for a reading I will offer the session via skype, zoom or in person if you are close enough to drop by.  In your reading I will connect with spirit and bring through messages and confirmatiion of their current existence. When we pass only the body dies and our spirit enters into another dimension. Spirit is around us all the time we just have to make that connection.