Readings and Crystal Jewellery

I am a medium and I create beautiful jewellery from natural crystals.

By - nanieshas

My Journey to becoming a Psychic Medium.

After losing my brother years ago I carried a hole in my heart for so long. I then followed my intuition to have a reading by a psychic medium at the Mind Body and Spirit Festival in Sydney. Well, I could not believe what happened. This man brought through information about my brother that he could not have ever known and it lifted a weight off my shoulders right there and then. I have visited many psychic mediums since then and they all told me that I have the ability to be a conduit between the two worlds, so I have been practicing this ability now for quite a few years to help others get closure and freedom from the grief that doesn’t seem to disappear. I have trained with a few well know mediums to hone in on what to bring through to the living from the spirit world.

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